Problem wiht changes in references in the hit list

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Problem wiht changes in references in the hit list

Post by Mencu »

Dear all,
Has anybody experienced something like this?
When I try to change something in the references in a hit list, going one by one, unless I unselect them once the changes have been made, my corrections will not stay. And, if they are connected with the Author field, unless I keep in the background the List View window showing the Hits, they won't stay.
If the List View window shows all the references in the database, sooner or later when I make a correction in some reference in the hits list, it will start swapping its name with the following reference.
I have tried rebuilding the Library and reindexing it, but there is no way to avoid it happen.
Any ideas of what I am doing wrong?
Thanks in advance

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Post by Jon »

You can't be helped with this sort of thing on the forum. Send me your database (zipped) with exact instructions on how to reproduce the problem.

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