Citations with modifier in Mellel

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Citations with modifier in Mellel

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Dear Jon,
when I cite a work in text explicity citing the author, I put the percentage symbol in my citation:
e.g. "How Gnoli says {%Gnoli, 2009@23-24} ...."
This citation generates in bibliography palette in Mellel an entry %Gnoli 2009 different from Gnoli 2009 utilized in some other spot in the article. This is not very convenient, especially in large works with a lot of citations.
Would not it be possible that %Gnoli 2009 and Gnoli 2009 generate only one citation Gnoli 2009 as it happens with Gnoli 2009@15 and Gnoli 2009@17?

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Re: Citations with modifier in Mellel

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This is controlled by Mellel, not Bookends. Please write to RedleX with this request.

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