Failed link in Bookends browser

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Failed link in Bookends browser

Post by jhbarker »

Loving 11.2, but one problem.

When I use the built in browser (accessed via the "Web" button between the Formatted and PDF buttons) I see the reference in pubmed and a link my institution's InfoLink. I then click on the InfoLink icon and get a new InfoLink page with the appropriate links to full text sources. However, when I then click on one of those links, I get a blank page with the following URL:
" ... tpixel.png"

By contrast, finding and attaching PDFs works great in the BE browser when the website is accessed directly (that is, not via InfoLink).

Not a show-stopper, since when I am on campus, some of the websites recognize my institution's rights. However, off campus, I will need to use InfoLink.


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Re: Failed link in Bookends browser

Post by Jon »

Hard for me to say what's going on since I can't test it, but it sounds like it may be some issue with password/id validation as opposed to ip authentication. If you can use a VPN client off-campus, I'm guessing you won't have a problem.

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