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Post by swmartin1960 »

I just downloaded BE 13 and wanted to thank Jon and his team for all the hard work! 64-bit here I come!!

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Re: Thanks!

Post by taja »

Ditto! Wonderful upgrade.

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Re: Thanks!

Post by Nhaps »

I second that.

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Re: Thanks!

Post by iandol »

I multiply that to the power of a large number!

I really love the tabbed PDF view (quick links), and the wonderful touch that they are stored in the database data so it syncs across computers, and the new contextual full-screen for PDFs that retains the reference side-panel is just lovely. The improved auto-pubmed search is a nice improvement, and of course the new applescript events mean I can now more easily use Bookends with scrivener+markdown/pandoc manuscripts and keep track of which papers were cited where with custom scanned groups. A tiny change but I've probably already save a combined minute in less UI fiddling by BE13 auto-selecting PubMed when double-clicking .nbib files :P

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Re: Thanks!

Post by ealvarezqc »

Haven't play a lot with the new version, but the process of upgrading went smoothly and all is fine :D BookEnds appears very responsive. A nice and neat job. Congrats 8)

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