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Coordinating Bookends with Tropy

Posted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 1:45 pm
by mkenhan
Does anyone use Tropy for organizing photographs from archives? I have a lot of these and have never really coordinated them with my Bookends (originally Sente) library other than including a field for "have photographs yes/no" and the date collected. I'm slowly attaching some to their Bookends records. But I recently ran across Tropy, which includes photo-editing and metadata capabilities, and I like the way you can visually scan across a whole group of images -- useful if you are working with maps, charts, illustrations for example, or if you want to restrict your search to only the images from one archive. I'd love to sort out a workflow that enables me to coordinate my large Bookends library (for work that involves books/articles) and some use of Tropy (for images).