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Small caps -- Bookends represents them in two ways

Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 2:11 pm
by alanterra

Jon said in a post that small caps "are more complicated than you think." Here is one example. (I am not asking for a change of behavior in Bookends, but pointing out the behavior for anyone else who is confused like I was).

The journal I was formatting for likes to have author names in small caps. I use rtf (Nisus Writer) for my drafts.

If you generate the bibliography by scanning the document, the authors names are set in "real" small caps -- the font has the style "Small Caps."

But if you generate a bibliography entry using "Copy Formatted" in Bookends, the authors names are set in "fake" small caps -- all caps with the letters after the first in a slightly smaller font size.

I am sure that there are very good reasons for this behavior. But if you intermingle these in your bibliography, you can become very confused about what is going on.