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Setting up a workflow between Bookends and Linux

Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2019 9:36 am
by iljajj
Hi all,

I wonder whether you could offer advice on how to set up a reference workflow between my Mac (at home and uni) and my Linux box at my other place of employment. As a decade-long Bookends user, I would much (much!) prefer to continue using it, but as there is no Linux version I'm struggling a bit.

I could use Zotero on Linux, but I'm not exactly in love with it and exporting my BE database to Zotero for Linux is a bit of a slog, particularly if I want to export all my PDFs as well (first export to Zotero for Mac, then to Linux - and it frequently hangs so I have to start over). Do any of you have experience combining BE with JabRef or Mendeley, and is that worth considering? I'd prefer to avoid Mendeley since it is in the clutches of the evil Elsevier, but needs must...