Merging Zotero and Devonthink in Bookends

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Merging Zotero and Devonthink in Bookends

Post by ehbarnet »

I'm a new user of Bookends and I'm seeking guidance on merging my zotero library of references into bookends, along with my pdf library from Devonthink. I'm planning to import my reference library from zotero and my pdf library from bookends. What I'm concerned about is matching the new references to the new pdfs (which will become attachments in bookends). Is there a way for Bookends to match the incoming attachments with existing references? I can see this being a particular problem with my historical sources (I work on early modern Europe), since they lack the identifying material necessary for Bookends to fill in their reference information automatically.

If there is already existing documentation on this, I would be grateful if someone could direct me to it.

Thank you!


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Re: Merging Zotero and Devonthink in Bookends

Post by Jon »

If I understand you correctly, you want to import reference metadata from Zotero and attach PDFs from DTP. If so, Bookends won't match the PDFs to the references unless they have a similar unique identifier (e.g. a DOI). Your choice would be to select a reference and then drop the corresponding PDF on it, in which case the PDF would be attached to that reference. Or add your PDFs to empty references (easy) and then do an Autocomplete Paper on them, one by one. These work for dozens of PDFs/references, but not hundreds.

If the PDFs are already attached in Zotero, that's another story.

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