Autocomplete Paper and Book Reviews (Newbie)

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Autocomplete Paper and Book Reviews (Newbie)

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I'm using autocomplete from paper to fill in the reference fields for a number of book reviews. This is working fine, except for one hitch: the "Title" is generally filled in as a blank, since Book Reviews generally do not have a title. Instead, the relevant information is listed under "Book(s) Reviewed." Is there a way to grab this information instead?

I'm still learning the ropes, so I apologize if I've overlooked something obvious.


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Re: Autocomplete Paper and Book Reviews (Newbie)

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Bookends uses whatever filter you have selected for Autocomplete Paper (e.g. Google Scholar). You can edit the import to catch information the default filter doesn't get. Try the same search in Online Search first -- you'll see in the bottom pane what Bookends gets from the source.

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