Quoting primary sources through Bookends

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Quoting primary sources through Bookends

Post by larilela »

I regularly quote primary sources (so far have been doing this manually), and have considered doing so through Bookends. This material is nothing like any of my other reference material, as there is no author, year or title — just a case/file abbreviation and a line number. An in-text-citation might look something like (8g/46), where 8 indicates the case, "g" the specific interview text and 46 is the line number. I am guessing I would need to have to set up a new type, with only two fields (couldn't from the user guide figure out how that would work) and the sole advantage would be that Bookends recognizes repeted references (so turns an identical second citation immediately following the first into "ibid.")

Does anyone have experience doing this through BE? Do you recommend it and how did you do it?

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Re: Quoting primary sources through Bookends

Post by Jon »

You are right, and it's easy.

Create a new Type (Primary Source) and assign it to this sort of reference. Put your information (e.g. 8g/46) in one field or two (one field is probably better, such as Title). You can rename Title for that Type in preferences to Source if you prefer. Then in the format you use add this new Type and in the order field enter


Now the "title" will be output when a Primary Source is cited.

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P.S. You can't change the number of fields, but empty ones are ignored. And you can change the name (label) for the field as above.

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