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Workflow for Storing Quotations

Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2019 9:33 pm
by laxman1945
Anyone have any tips for using Bookends for effective note-taking?

Throughout my doctoral work, I (embarrassingly) only used Scrivener & MS Word, without a reference manager or note-taking app. Most of my notes were in folders for specific sources, and I had a general notebook for quotes I might want to re-use. This worked okay for the dissertation, because it was the only thing I was working on at the time, but now I'm working on a series of different projects, often not directly related.

I love that I can use the "Notes" section of Bookends to tie my notes directly to the reference; I'm considering using Bookends exclusively for notes, Scrivener for drafting, and Word for the final product. Anyone else use this workflow? Or is have you found Evernote or an equivalent necessary?