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PC & Mac Workflow

Post by Teddy »

Because I have finished my PhD and now just regular high school teaching, have lost my academic logins to various academic paper databases (so now can get abstracts but not the whole PDF, on my regular connection).

Here in the UK, the local library service gives us access to the University system - but only via the Libraries terrible Windows Dell boxes, can I get to stuff.

So a workflow?

I can save stuff to any Windows based reference manager, so Mendeley, Zotero, Ref Works.

My feeling is to use Mendeley to search & collect and every so often do a RIS & PDF export to Bookends. Seems to be easier than individually downloading each paper to a USB stick and then trying to attach them to the correct reference in Bookends.

Apologies for my waffle, but I guess others might have honed a decent Collect on Windows and think in Bookends on macOS workflow....

Any suggestions much appreciated!


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Re: PC & Mac Workflow

Post by Jon »

I think that's reasonable. However, of the three I think Zotero is the best for easily getting the PDFs along with the metadata when you export/import to Bookends. Please see this page

https://www.sonnysoftware.com/bookends/ ... mport.html

Sonny Software

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