Page Numbers with Numbered Citation

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Page Numbers with Numbered Citation

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Hi there,

I am working on a paper for a journal that requires Vancouver citations, which involves consecutively numbered references for in-text citation. However, the journal's in-house modification of Vancouver requests specific page numbers to be included when a direct quote is supplied:

First sentence statement [1]. However, Author disagrees, "Quote" [2, p. 30]. Elsewhere, Author writes, "Quote 2" [2, p. 181].

1. First citation
2. Second citation [without page numbers]

In the Formats Manager => Citation Options, I am using the Cite By: Number option. However, that prevents one from using "Cited Pages" in the Common Settings tab.

How do I include page numbers when using numbered citations in text?

Thank you!

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Re: Page Numbers with Numbered Citation

Post by Jon »

You can't, but you can use literal text:

{temp cite\, p. 181\}

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