How to fill in a field on multiple books

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How to fill in a field on multiple books

Post by RiggsLib »

I'm new to using Bookends and tried searching for my question in the forums but came up with nothing

I use Bookends only for keeping a list of books in my library. I have my books put on the shelves by general topics; I call them stacks. As a retired minister these are Bible, Old Testament, New Testament, etc. but also include other topics like baseball, math, etc. I have changed the name of a User field to Stack and can fill in one book at a time.

Is there any way of filling in multiple books at once? Or should I setup different folders, different libraries, or ???

I have read the tutorial and didn't see anything there. Did I miss something?


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Re: How to fill in a field on multiple books

Post by Jon »

Since you're entering your private collection, there is no online mechanism. However, if your books have barcodes, note that the Bookends for iOS Pro version has a built-in barcode scanner. That would import the book metadata without you having to type anything, which would sync to Bookends for Mac.

Also, note that if you enter a book with sections, Bookends will autofill some of the information for them by using Refs -> Replicate as Book Chapter.

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