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Dark Mode - Formats Manager

Post by marcus »

The field texts in the formats manager is not inverted. In dark mode, the text is black and difficult to see. Can this be changed? (see photo).

Also, the word REFS in the preferences window is blurred.
CleanShot 2020-04-13 at 17.58.24@2x.png
CleanShot 2020-04-13 at 17.58.24@2x.png (68.04 KiB) Viewed 962 times
CleanShot 2020-04-13 at 17.58.10@2x.png
CleanShot 2020-04-13 at 17.58.10@2x.png (244.82 KiB) Viewed 962 times

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Re: Dark Mode - Formats Manager

Post by Jon »

Please download 13.4 again, there have been silent updates to fix these issues.

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