Feature Suggestion - Automated Notecards

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Feature Suggestion - Automated Notecards

Post by doclrb »

Would it be possible to add a preference such that all highlighted groups of words are automatically transferred to individual notecards. This would quite helpful, for example, in use in sharing highlighted text to DevonThinks3 and perhaps other apps that can accept the notecards via Applescript, by eliminating an intermediate step of attaching the notecards to Bookends prior to sharing.

TY for your consideration of this matter.

Les (AKA doclrb)
Les R. Becker, Ph.D., MS.MEdL, NRP, CHSE

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Re: Feature Suggestion - Automated Notecards

Post by Jon »

That's the kind of highly targeted and potentially confusing feature I try to avoid.

Note that you can add all the highlights in the PDF to the database (in Notes, showing as notecards), by selecting them and then doing a right-click menu selection.

Sonny Software

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