importing book cover images

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importing book cover images

Post by MattHedstrom »

I have migrated from Bookpedia to Bookends, and one thing that did not transfer over is the images of book covers. I have been able to modify the Bookpedia export file so that it includes the file name of the book cover -- but I can't figure out how to get from there to actually adding the cover image itself as an attachment in Bookends.

Now, for example, I just get something like "1325.jpg" -- the name of a cover image file -- in an available field I assigned (I used User18). Can I get Bookends to use that information to automatically retrieve the cover image file and add it as an attachment to the reference?

I know I can drag all the cover image files into the Bookends folder in iCloud. So the images will all be where they need to be, and they will have the names that are now located in the User18 field. So I'm close, but not quite there.

I don't want to use "Autofill from Internet," which will retrieve cover images, because this replaces data I don't want replaced, most especially removing all book subtitles. Also, the images are much lower-res than those I had in Bookpedia. But if there is a way to Autofill without these problems I am all ears!

Thanks anyone with ideas!

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Re: importing book cover images

Post by Jon »

Send a single reference exported from Bookpedia (in EndNote export form) and a .jpg cover art file to tech support. I'll see if I can coerce the imported to accept it to attachments.

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