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Commas at end of citation

Posted: Thu Apr 01, 2021 12:52 pm
by ehbarnet

I'm sure that this is an easy fix, but I'm encountering the following problem. Several of my citation formats feature fields in the final position that are occasionally absent. This results in the citation ending with a comma rather than a period. For example, in the following citation format, field z is absent from the given reference.

Eg. a, “t,” $in $v. l, d, p-. u1, u2, u3, z.

Kircher, Athanasius. “Antidotum Tarantulae.” in Magnes, sive de arte magnetica. Romae, 1641. Linda Hall Library, Kansas City, MO,

I would like to be able to always end with a period, whether field z is present or not. (In this case, z refers to the url, which is present for some of the relevant references and absent for others).

Thanks in advance!


Re: Commas at end of citation

Posted: Thu Apr 01, 2021 4:19 pm
by Jon
There is a section in the User Guide (Help menu) that shows you several ways to deal with missing fields, you really should take a look at that, it's very informative.

Briefly, you could do this

... u1, u2, u3$, $z.

or you could create a conditional grouping

{u3, z.^z.}

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