Looking for NASA/ADS Import

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Looking for NASA/ADS Import

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I’m looking for a way to import NASA/ADS information into Bookends. In particular, I am hoping to be able to match papers to NASA/ADS entries and pull the `Key` field from NASA/ADS (ADS has a key field, named `Bibcode`). Is this possible to do with Bookends?

I’m attempting to use the ADS Dev API in the Metadata section of Bookends, but I’m not sure if I’m doing this correctly.

Thank you!
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Re: Looking for NASA/ADS Import

Post by Jon »

I doubt that will work. But you can search ADS in Bookends Browser, and if an article has a DOI registered with CrossRef Bookends can import it. I just tried, and Bookends isn't picking up the DOI when you just show the reference, but if you click on the DOI link in the reference Bookends does find that.

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