Tweaking Italian ICCU Filter

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Tweaking Italian ICCU Filter

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As an Italian researcher, I find is incredibly useful to be able to import from our national catalog; therefore, I am trying to optimize the filter so as to conduct operations as seamlessly as possible.

I provide an example:
The book to be imported is as follows: ICCU record for Fuori cornice: l'arte oltre l'arte. ... 3A%40or%40

Hence the result via Bookends:


I am quite satisfied with the outcome but there are some things I would like to tweak, although I am not clear how:

1) Title: the part after the slash "/" is unnecessary. It is like that for every record and I would like to tell BE to ignore everything from the slash (included) onwards.
2) Put the series number in the space provided below, not in the series title (maybe remove the ";" too)
3) Take only the number of pages, and not other physical indications (such as measurements)
4) There is an abstract in the original record (listed as "Sommario,abstract") but I cannot fetch it through the importer.. Why?
5) ISBN: again, is it possible to remove the "[ISBN]" before the actual number?

How can I edit all these things, is it possible?
Thank you very much.

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Re: Tweaking Italian ICCU Filter

Post by Jon »

In general, the filter will import the text as provided. There is a very limited ability to parse text, but you can only apply it to 2 different fields. It's called the Source parser. The 2 source parsers are intended to import individual elements from so-called source fields, which may contain a range of information such as journal name, volume, date, and page numbers on one line.

You can see how one used in the in Source tab to parse the field Pubblicazione: You could do something similar with the second source parser, with the title for example.

As for the abstract, you can't import it because there is a comma in its tag, and Bookends uses commas in the filter to separate tag names. The only workaround I can think of for that is cumbersome. You can copy the search contents to a text editor and replace Sommario,abstract: with abstract: And in the filter import abstract: into the Abstract field. Not a great solution, but it does work.

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