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Dutch Filter

Post by su0229 »

Does anybody have a good and working filter for the Netherlands Central Cataloque?
I have acces via my University, but not which bookends.

And for amazon there are several filters. Is there also a filter for the dutch 'Amazon' called bol.com?

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Re: Dutch Filter

Post by Jon »

It should be easy to create a filter for the Netherlands Central Cataloque if it has a z30.50 server (just fill in the server ip address, port, and database name in the Internet tab).

bol.com is not an Amazon company, as far as I can tell, and therefore wouldn't offer the Amazon web services APIs. So no, you can't search it from within Bookends.

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Re: Dutch Filter

Post by iljajj »

The problem is that the NCC is hosted by PiCarta, which is a commercial company. Libraries require a login to gain access, and they are charged per connection. A public search tool is therefore unlikely to be made available. Crazy situation, but there you are.

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