I feel like an idiot, but...

Users asking other users for import filters.
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I feel like an idiot, but...

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...I can't seem to make most of the filters work. In particular, I'm having trouble with New York Public Library, Library of Congress, and OCLC. I've downloaded the ziip files and re-installed them, but it doesn't seem to be helping. I get various error messages, ranging from Error -23 to "Init failed" or "can't connect." I have connected with one or two of the preinstalled ones just fine, but those three are really baffling me.

I would also love to connect to my university library, which is Fordham University, but they are professing complete ignorance of all connection protocols. Does anyone have any ideas?


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Re: I feel like an idiot, but...

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This is a tech support issue (LOC works for me). Please contact tech support directly (support@sonnysoftware.com).

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