total newbie question -- import from filemakerpro 6

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total newbie question -- import from filemakerpro 6

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i've been looking around for this (on forum AND user guide...) and can't find the answer. Must be easy, but can't understand how to create import filter to import my bibliography from filemakerpro 6...would greatly appreciate any help here !

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Post by Jon »

Hi flyx,

It depends on your bib file in FM Pro. You can always export as a tab-delimited file from FM Pro and create a corresponding import filter in Bookends (use the Source parser to indicate where the tabs are). If you have lots of fields, this won't work.

If you can export from FM Pro with unique tags at the beginning of each field, then writing an import filter would be easy.

A more troublesome, but complete, alternative would be to create columns in FM Pro that match what Bookends expects for it's own tab-delimited files, and then import that. That info is in the User Guide.

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