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Oxford journal search

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With the Oxford library search website, it's possible to search either the main library collection, or the journals collection. The Oxford U.fltr provides access to the first part (which is excellent). The journals collection is searchable by the tab labelled "Articles & More" on this page
http://solo.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/primo_lib ... /search.do

Is there any way to add a filter to search that? And even better would be if there was a way to follow the online access links through to the actual PDFs?


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Re: Oxford journal search

Post by Jon »

The Bookends direct searches don't use web sites, they use Z39.50 servers. So if the university has a server that offers other subsets you could use the appropriate settings. However, a quick Internet search suggests that Oxford only offers one site, which it describes as "OLIS contains records mainly for books and periodicals.". If you find something different you can try changing creating a corresponding filter with the new Internet settings (or contact me for help with that).

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