How to omit ephemeral stuff from online import?

Users asking other users for import filters.
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How to omit ephemeral stuff from online import?

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Many of my online searches within Bookends put ephemeral stuff into the Notes field.
Google Scholar puts "times cited #" and Amazon(US) puts [price info].
Because neither of those is an invariant characteristic of the citation, I want to suppress them.
A major benefit of doing that will turn the "dirty flag" [i.e., "*" in "Notes*"] into useful info.

Although I've read the Import Filters section of the User Guide
and examined File:ImportFilterManager, I don't see how to revise the existing filters.
  • Is there a simple way for me to do this?
    If so, which portions of the User Guide are relevant?
    Is there an easy way to remove such stuff from existing records (in a DB with 1300 items)?

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Re: How to omit ephemeral stuff from online import?

Post by Jon »

You have to edit the import filters. They're found in File -> Import Filter Manager (the user guide has a section one import filters that details how to create/edit them).

You can do Global Changes operations to modify fields in batch. But if you have other data in Notes as well, I don't know how you can remove just the stuff you don't want and keep the rest (find/replace works for specific text of course, but in your case the text will vary from reference to reference).

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