Link to Note-Taking File

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Link to Note-Taking File

Post by swmartin1960 »

Just wondered if anyone had scripted this.

I have just moved from Notabene Ibidem to BE. The conversion of the database was good. One problem: many of my Ibidem records had a note-taking file linked to it, but the links were severed in the process. The line "Note-Taking File" is in the Notes tab, but unlinked. I have in the meantime transferred the actual note-taking files to a folder on my Dropbox. Is there a way of automating the re-linking, or do I need to do it manually (to about 500 records)?

The note files have a common naming convention: author--abbreviated title--ibidem reference number.

Steve Martin.

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Re: Link to Note-Taking File

Post by Jon »

If they're text files, I think they'll need manual reattachment. If they're PDFs, you can try Refs -> Get PDF -> Find & Attach Local PDF.

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Re: Link to Note-Taking File

Post by MysticScholar »

How were you able to migrate from Notabene Ibidem?

I'm a long-time Notabene user who has recently moved to a Mac platform. There's no export function in Ibidem, but it sounds as if you figured out a way to do this. Please let me know the procedure. I would truly appreciate it. I have an enormous Ibidem database of entries.

Thank you!

All best,
Larry Kant

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