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Convert Pandoc Temp Citations back to Bookends Scannable Temp Citations.

Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 2:35 am
by iandol
Most of my workflows use Pandoc to generate my bibliographies, and so my default temporary citation format is [@user1; @user1]. Bookends cannot scan a document that contains this kind of temporary reference, so I wrote a small script that converts them back into a format Bookends can scan: {user1; user1} — this currently works on plain text files (should be able to parse markdown, text, RTF etc.; I was thinking to add in a away to scan Word docs too, it is a zipped XML file after all but haven't done it yet...). This also allows you to specify a group name and it will add all the scanned references into a new group in Bookends (new feature added by Jon recently!)

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convertRefs.rb NewGroupName
Will output a in the same folder and add the refs to NewGroupName. If you omit the groupname no group will be created.

Find the code here: ... ertRefs.rb