Add-ins file missing in Word 16

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Add-ins file missing in Word 16

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Can anyone help, please? I am using the latest version of Bookends and Word 16.46 for Mac on a MacBook Air M1. The Microsoft Office Suite is one that I get through my university, so the main server is not on my computer. I don't know if that has anything to do with my problems. I have managed to get Bookends working fine through the various upgrades and most of it is still working, but I am now at the final stage of needing to convert all the temporary citations in my thesis into permanent ones. I did a test run a couple of weeks ago and it was fine, but the latest upgrade since then says I need Add-ins. There is no Add-ins folder showing in the top bar and it says my organisation has disabled access to the Add-ins store. Questions - do I need to go to the store to get the Bookends add-in? If not, where is the link please?

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Re: Add-ins file missing in Word 16

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The add-ins were removed a while ago. You should see a Bookends tab in the Word ribbon. Click on that.

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