Praise: PDF "open in" feature

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Praise: PDF "open in" feature

Post by DerangedChef » Sun Nov 03, 2019 10:42 am

I just discovered that since version 3.3.8, one can now open PDFs from Bookends in another app, in addition to the former "Copy To" share function.
This is a HUGE game changer! Thanks for that. :lol: :D

I was hesitant before to use Bookends on iOS a lot, because I usually annotate PDFs in "PDF Expert". Before 3.3.8, working on a new instance of a PDF and then somehow adding it back into Bookends was just a cumbersome workflow. I ended up avoiding it. Now, this is so much better and will push me to use iCloud sync. Any PDF editing now will work on only one original instance of a PDF file, regardless if on macOS or iOS, and regardless if I use Bookends PDF editor itself, or PDF Expert out of Bookends.

To my amazement, when having the same PDF file open in Bookends and PDF Expert, any annotation update in either app is reflected timely in the other app when switching back and forth. Awesome. This also should overcomes the PDF Expert limitation, that shared PDF editing between their running macOS and iOS apps can only happen when using the same WiFI network. You can be completely flexible now via iCloud.

I don't like Apple to have all my research references on a cloud server, but that is a different topic. Maybe one day we can have Bookends macOS/iOS sync also with other cloud servers, e.g. our own Nextcloud – that would be a big Plus.

I am posting this in case others have not noticed this game changer yet, like me.

Stefan L. :roll:

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Re: Praise: PDF "open in" feature

Post by Serge » Mon Nov 04, 2019 1:11 pm

Thanks! We’re glad you like it.
We decided to go with iCloud only for now as any new cloud service requires a lot of work and support, which would delay other nice features we are working on.

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Re: Praise: PDF "open in" feature

Post by doclrb » Wed Nov 06, 2019 4:13 pm

This sounds great. Would you pls provide a bit more detail as to the workflow or commands utilized.



Les R. Becker, Ph.D., MS.MEdL, NRP, CHSE

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