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Suggestion of page views on BE iOS app (and Mac OS as well)

Posted: Sat Jan 27, 2018 2:05 am
by hboshim
Hi, thank you for your support over Bookends ios. As the iPad pro user, I have a brief suggestion to make for your future consideration of improvement. Like the single/double page views on BE Mac os, I'd very happy if you could make it the same on iOS version. Also, this is for both BE on Mac/ios to suggest enabling the options of 'rotating left/right' on any page during reading pdf file on BE ios/mac os. Even further, I'd very happy if BE also features the 'vertical split view' which could prevent me from traveling front and back pages all the time during reading.

I know there'd be many technical obstacle at this moment for my suggestions, but i think they'd be worth of considering for you to update in a longer term.

Thank you!