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Sharing Tags Inside Bookend Notes to MarginNote

Posted: Sat Jun 22, 2019 6:14 pm
by DrJJWMac
I am using Bookends on an iPad Pro (BoT). I also have MarginNote. One of the neat things about MarginNote IMO is that you can tag annotations. The tags become hashtags. You can sort/filter on the tags. I use this feature to collect notes such as #grammar, #phrasing, #spelling, etc when I proofread articles that come my way.

I wondered whether this might be something that is supported/supportable in BoT. So, I did an experiment. I created a highlight annotation in BoT and added a note to it with this format

- fails to explain the methods precisely

I shared the journal article across to MarginNote on my iPad. MarginNote imported the article and came up with a dialog about existing annotations. I imported the annotations. When I opened the journal article, the annotation was imported *but it was not hash tagged as #important*. I created a new tag "important" and closed the tag set up in MarginNote. At that point, MarginNote recognized the hashtag #important on the annotation to the journal article.

I was impressed.

The sharing into MarginNote has two downsides. First, MarginNote also imports all sorts of spurious "annotations", such as URL links, mailto hyperlinks, and PDF-linked jump actions, from the document. Ugh! I believe this could be cleared by flattening the journal article before sharing it to MarginNote. Secondly, MarginNote does NOT maintain annotations when it exports documents. It flattens them. Ugh Ugh!