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3D Touch

Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2019 8:24 am
by JainJude
So about the current state of 3D Touch.

So far with the iOS 13 Betas 3D Touch has been all but replaced with haptic touch on stock Apple apps. This has seemingly been somewhat “fixed” in beta 3 where the display actually feels like it registers how hard you press on the screen but it is still 90% haptic touch. Was this the fix to the “bug” Apple referred to? Or will we actually see a complete return to iOS 12 era 3D Touch?

Although Apple has addressed this as a bug (back on the 1st and 2nd betas) and that the final iOS 13 would bring back 3D Touch, there have been some pretty substantial rumours that Apple might phase out 3D Touch in favour of haptic touch for future iPhones. This could even apply to older gen iPhones with the ‘part 3D Touch/part haptic touch’ we are seeing in beta 3.

So, as a summary, is the beta 3 version of haptic/3D touch what Apple is going for? Or will OG 3D Touch fully return when the final version is out? What will this mean if iPhone 2019 is fully haptic touch? Will Apple really release a product that has a “inferior?” Version of a feature? Or will Apple remove 3D Touch from all previous iPhones to balance out the lineup?