library size limit?

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library size limit?

Post by jdevos »

I have my Bookends library on Mac, and want to sync it on the iOS app. However, all trials failed and my library on my iPad is empty.
I read that 'Currently, Bookends for iOS will download files from iCloud Drive -> Bookends folder if they are 50 MB or smaller.'. My library size is 133 Mo (it has more than 18 000 pdf indexed) : may this file size explain why the iOS app can't see the content of my library?

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Re: library size limit?

Post by Serge »

Have you done all the steps from our Cloud Sync tutorial:

Please download your library from the cloud on Mac just to see if there are any references there.
Bookends -> File Menu -> New Library -> Download From Cloud -> Choose your cloud library -> Save

If it's empty please send me your library to

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