Wi-Fi Sync deletes Folders and Groups

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Wi-Fi Sync deletes Folders and Groups

Post by kgrace »

I accidentally deleted my backup of Bookends library when changing my home file.
Luckily, I still had a copy on my iPad.
When I synced them, all of the entries, attachments, and notes were synced, but it deleted all of my groups and folders.

I managed to make some groups again, 2 weeks ago, and they were on my iPad. However, when I tried to open my library on the computer today, it created a new blank library. I closed this and looked elsewhere for my library file and opened it, but it wouldn't sync. When I finally convinced it to sync, it again deleted all of my groups.

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Re: Wi-Fi Sync deletes Folders and Groups

Post by Serge »

We will see if it can be improved in future versions, but currently Wi-Fi sync works this way, taking the groups structure from Mac as a primary source. Do you have backups from your iPad. If you can restore to the version where all groups are visible on iOS please write to support@referencesontap.com and I will look if we can get your groups structure to Mac.

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