Import paper from Safari iOS

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Import paper from Safari iOS

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Usually I look for papers in pubmed in Safari. When I find an interesting one to keep, I open the paper in the journal page (not PDF). How can I import the reference into bookends? I haven’t found an option in the share sheet, nor drag and drop works... only when I opened the full PDF. The problem is that I want to keep the reference, but I can’t open the PDF because I am not subscribed...

Moreover, how can I import a PDF into a collection in one step? From safari —-> open in bookends ——> ask which collection to add.


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Re: Import paper from Safari iOS

Post by Serge »

Bookends can import .ris files, so please check if the journal page has this export option.
If the reference has any identifiers like pmid, doi, or isbn please copy and use "Autofill From Internet" as described in docs:

Yes, adding to a collection requires one extra step - tapping on the organize groups icon...

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