Sharing PDF to Bookends from Safari

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Sharing PDF to Bookends from Safari

Post by propofol »

(Reproducible on my iPhone and my iPad.)

When I have a PDF in safari, and I use the share extension (arrow pointing up in safari toolbar) to “Copy to Bookends”, the first time I click Copy to Bookends it opens Bookends but the software doesn’t realize anything was passed to it. So, I go right back to Safari, repeat the same Copy to Bookends action from the same Safari window with the PDF being displayed, and, this time, Bookends realizes something was passed to it and correctly opens the dialog box with the auto-search for my to import.

Just thought I would report this in case it could be fixed.


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Re: Sharing PDF to Bookends from Safari

Post by Serge »

Yes, I can reproduce this problem and it will be fixed in the next update. Thank you for the report.

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