Possible sync issue w/ latest iOS update?

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Possible sync issue w/ latest iOS update?

Post by mwarner »

I updated to the latest version of iOS yesterday and realized this morning that all of the new references that I placed into BookEnds on my Mac were not showing their respective PDF attachment files in Bookends on iOS. I went through the usual "sync now" command on both the Mac and the iPad. At that point, I could see my attachments in iOS, except for what I added yesterday. After resetting the iPad and checking all of my iCloud preferences on the iPad, and then I noticed that Bookends on the iPad was no longer showing any of my attachments.

I decided to take the extreme action of deleting the app from my iPad, reinstalling and re-syncing with my database. However, when I long-pressed on the app icon in order to delete it, a little pop-up window came up that showed me several of my most recent attachments. I pressed on one of those and Bookends opened and voilá, all of my attachments are visible in iOS again.

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Re: Possible sync issue w/ latest iOS update?

Post by ChristopherHesh »

I was experiencing similar behavior on my iOS installation after installing Bookends on a new machine (macOS). It turns out the new machine defaults to a non-iCloud sync folder and once I fixed that it fixed the behavior.

Go to one of the references you have on your macOS installation and right click on it and show the attachment in the finder. If that attachment is not in your iCloud folder then you have the same problem. You just have to go into the preferences and change the default location for attachments to the iCloud folder.

I then went back to the attachments I had downloaded since the behavior started, which were all in the folder that popped up when I did the above "reveal in finder" trick and moved them manually into the iCloud sync folder. A few moments later all the PDFs became accessible on iOS.

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