Subject bibliography & numbered citations

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Subject bibliography & numbered citations

Post by chuank »

I'm trying to generate a Subject Bibliography in MS Word along with numbered citations and am hitting two issues that I hope someone here can help.

The Subject Biblio is generating a sequentially-ordered list, which is what I want.
However, Bookends seem to be giving me the wrong citation numbers. The citations point to a wrong reference and I can't figure out the sequence as to why it's doing that.

In addition, because of the Subject Biblio (I'm using Reference Type), the citation numbers start back to 1 on a new subject.
Is there a way to keep the citation numbers 'flowing' from one 'subject' to another?

For example:

[1] Jane Doe, etc...
[2] John Doe, etc...

Journal article
[3] Doe Jane, etc...
[4] Doe John, etc...

Thanks in advance,
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Re: Subject bibliography & numbered citations

Post by Jon »

That's how the Subject Bibliography works. It's not intended for scanning to produce a final document -- it's for creating what you see, a bibliography broken down by subject (author, group, etc.). The numbering is, as you see, reset for each group. If you use a format that doesn't used numbered citations in the text and bibliography, I think you can scan and obtain a meaningful result (for example, author-date citations in the text and a sorted bibliography at the end). But numbering won't work that way.

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