Bookends PopClip extension

Users asking other users for AppleScripts that work with Bookends.
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Bookends PopClip extension

Post by zvh »

I had said that if Bookends added the ability to quick add through its scripting library, then I would create a PopClip extension to automate this when surfing the web (or doing anything else outside of Bookends that might bring you across an ISBN, DOI, etc.). You can find the extension here: ... opclipextz

The extension does the following:
Add selected DOI, PMID, ISBN, or JSTOR stable URL to open library. If ⌘ is held, then search library for selected text and create new group with references returned.
I did create a black and white version of the Bookends icon, however the detail is too fine to show up at all in PopClip, so I've temporarily used a basic open book icon. If anyone has anything better, just send it along. I'd love to spruce it up.

Also, if anyone has any ideas for other features that might be included, I'd be happy to implement so long as the general population might find them of use--anything, then, that isn't too idiosyncratic. It's quite easy to add other functions that might be activated by holding down other keys when clicking the Bookends extension in PopClip.

Finally, to Jon, don't hesitate to let me know if you don't want your app distributed in this way. The plist checks for the bundle id and directs users to Sonny Software if not already installed, so it can (I hope) only help awareness of the app.
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Re: Bookends PopClip extension

Post by Jon »

I appreciate the work you've put in to enhance Bookends. That's the reason we added AppleScript compatibility, to let users add capabilities we don't provide ourselves. So thank you.

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Re: Bookends PopClip extension

Post by Dellu »

Another great tool. Thanks man.
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Re: Bookends PopClip extension

Post by chittu »

very useful, thanks for sharing!
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Re: Bookends PopClip extension

Post by jhbarker »

FYI, with as of Bookends 14, this no longer works but an be fixed

I had to take the old extension ('Bookends.popclipextz') open it in BBEdit and change a parameter in the config.plist.

Specifically, where you see:
<key>Bundle Identifier</key>

change the <string>com.sonnysoftware.bookends</string>

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Re: Bookends PopClip extension

Post by mjvalente »

This is fantastic. Thank you @zvh and @jhbarker.
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Re: Bookends PopClip extension

Post by jvictorcabral »

That's a really useful PopClip extension. Would you be kind to share the updated version? @zvh @jhbarker , I'm afraid I don't know how to fix that. Thank you!
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