Converting citations in footnotes - Word

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Converting citations in footnotes - Word

Post by Mel »

I'm a Bookends rookie with two questions.
1) I have been putting temporary citations into footnotes the whole way through my thesis (Word) and now want to convert them but when I run Scan Doc, nothing happens - it seems to scan the text but not the footnotes. What am I doing wrong and how do I fix it? I want the footnotes converted in situ.
2) I would also then like to be able to run all the references out into a Bibliography as well. How do I do that?
If I try to do it from Bookends it says I have to do it within Word; if I do it within Word, nothing happens. I'm now stuck. I'm experimenting on a temporary document at the moment but I really don't want to have to hand input a whole thesis' worth of citations again. Please can someone help?

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Re: Converting citations in footnotes - Word

Post by Jon »

This poster contacted tech support separately (please don't do both). For anyone reading this, I referred the to this FAQ ... rting_a_ci

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