"Remove Arbitrary Attachment Folders…" button

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"Remove Arbitrary Attachment Folders…" button

Post by danzac »

I'm trying to determine what the Remove Arbitrary Attachment Folders… button does in the general preferences. I don't see any mention of it in the user guide.
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Re: "Remove Arbitrary Attachment Folders…" button

Post by Jon »

It's discussed on p. 290, but the button label wasn't updated in the user guide when it was changed in the UI. That's fixed for the next update. To save you the time, here it is:

Use Remove Arbitrary Attachment Folders to reset attachment folder paths. Bookends stores the paths to any folder in which you have attachments if they are outside of the default folder. On occasion this can cause problems, for example a very long pause as the Finder tries to locate a folder on a server that is no longer available. In such cases you can clear the internal list of paths by clicking this button. Note that you will have to reattach one file for every folder if you want to reestablish the path. This does not apply to any attachments in the default folder or its subfolders—they will always be found.

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