Footnote Citations: Last name only for same author

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Footnote Citations: Last name only for same author

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I'm using Bookends with Mellel. I like how subsequent citations of the same source can be configured to display only the last name of the author rather than the full name. One thing I would like to do is to have subsequent citations of different articles by the same author formatted with only the last name as well; however, each citation of a new article supplies the first and last name of the author. The current behaviour occasionally creates an awkward footnote where a citation with just the author's last name will appear alongside a citation of another work by the same author that provides the full name. I'd like all subsequent citations by the same author to use the last name only, even if it is the first appearance of that particular source.

Sorry this description is so convoluted! Any suggestions would be appreciated

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Re: Footnote Citations: Last name only for same author

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Bookends can't do that. It can do this when the same reference is cited more than once, but it can't do this for a new reference by the same author. If this is important you'll have to edit the affected citations after the scan.

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