Alphabetization puzzle

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Alphabetization puzzle

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I use accented characters in authors' names (because they are accented "in real life.") As far as I can tell, Bookends does not intelligently sort accented characters (in Bookends, Á usually comes after Z but sometimes after A and before B).

A related issue is that accented characters are not sorted consistently. I think that this is because there are two ways to make an accented character. I'm not an expert on Unicode, but I think that, for instance, the two ways to make an Á are "LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH ACUTE", and "A" followed "COMBINING ACUTE ACCENT". In any event, for at least one author in my database, whose name starts with "Á" some of his papers sort just after A and others sort after Z. This is all very confusing.

Shouldn't there be a simple way to get everything sorted out intelligently? (If not in real life, at least in Bookends?)

I enclose three attachments
1) A bookends export illustrating the problem
2) A screen shot showing the alphabetization in Bookends
3) A screen shot showing how this issue is handled in Finder

Thanks for any insight

Bookends Export alphabetization
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Alphabetization in Finder.jpg
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Alphabetization in Bookends.jpg
Alphabetization in Bookends.jpg (50.33 KiB) Viewed 16977 times

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