Have Bookends, will travel.

Bookends for iOS (and iPadOS) is the reference management app for your iPad and iPhone.


Search everywhere, from anywhere

Perform direct online searches of the most popular online sources for scientific and scholarly literature and save the references you find to your personal library.

Or use the article's URL in the built-in browser to download and attach the full-text PDF (EZProxy-compliant).

Keep it simple

You have a reference's PMID, DOI, arXiv ID, or ISBN? Then use Quick Add and you're in like Flynn.

Or maybe you own a book you want to add — use the built-in barcode scanner and it is instantly in your collection.

Read all about it…

Download and annotate PDFs of the articles you find with a tap (requires access privileges). Your highlighted passages are directly integrated into the note stream. And if you have a favorite PDF viewer, export/import PDFs via Share.

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Level up

Organize your interrelated reference data into groups and folders. An unlimited multilevel hierarchy means that you can create the logic that works for you.

Islands in the note stream

Colorful notecards created from your thoughts provide a quick and editable overview of what you found, um, notable.

Siri Shorcuts

Siri Shorcuts (Pro feature) are a convient way to access Bookends functions by asking Siri or using the Shortcuts app. Perform searches, find references, and send formatted citations to other apps without opening Bookends.


Sneak peek

Instantly create temporary or final citations of your references from thousands of different journal styles and insert them into documents in your iOS word processor of choice. Drag and drop references into your iOS word processor to insert temporary citations ready for scanning on the Mac or final citations ready for publication.


Works how you want, and where you want

Although Bookends for iOS is a powerful standalone app, it really shines when paired with Bookends for macOS. Wi-Fi transfer of references and PDFs between your Mac and iOS devices. You can find references when on the go and import them, with PDFs, into Bookends for macOS when you are at your desk (and vice versa).

Your head is in the clouds

Use Cloud Sync to keep all of your devices up-to-date (Pro feature). Share your references and PDFs with collaborators and colleagues.

If you are doing any sort of scholarly research, this is the reference manager.
— JoeGuru

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