Bookends 13 requires macOS 10.10 or later. Read about some issues that might affect you. Try Bookends before you buy.

All sales are final once the registration code has been provided.

When you order Bookends you will receive a registration code that unlocks the free demo version that can be downloaded here. Once the code has been entered in Bookends you can have an unlimited number of references.

Each purchase of Bookends 13 comes with 2 years of free updates. At the end of that period Bookends will continue to work with no restrictions. However, upgrading to a version of Bookends released after the two year period will require an upgrade fee, which comes with another 2 years of free updates.

Bookends 13 is free if you purchased Bookends 12 on or after August 15, 2017 (release of version 12.8.3). If this applies to you, please send your name and Bookends 12 registration code or receipt from the Mac App Store to Sonny Software Sales and we will send you a coupon that lets you download Bookends 13 at no charge.


Buy New: A single Bookends license, which include 2 years of free updates, is $59.99. There is a 10% discount if you buy 2 copies, and a 25% discount if you buy 3 or more.

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Upgrade: Upgrades, which include 2 years of free updates, are $39.99. You are eligible for upgrade pricing if you bought or upgraded to Bookends 11 or 12 from us or the Mac App Store. Licenses for Bookends 10 and earlier are not eligible for upgrade pricing. Purchase of an upgrade registration code is performed within the Bookends application itself. Launch Bookends 13 on a Mac where Bookends is registered and you will be guided through the process.

Group licenses are no longer available. Old 5- and 10-user Lab/Small Workgroup licenses can be converted to an equal number of individual licenses at a 50% discount. To receive this discount, write to
Sales before you upgrade.

Special offer: buy Bookends and Mellel together for $89. The Bookends/Mellel bundle can be purchased here. If you already own Bookends, you are eligible for a discount on Mellel.